Franklin Elementary
Parent Handbook


Dear Parents,

Welcome to Franklin Elementary School!  Thank you for opening this handbook.  It has been prepared for your information and convenience.  You should have also received a District #77 Handbook along with this Franklin School Handbook.  Should there be topics for which you have concern, but are not included in either booklet, you should feel free to call me here at school.

The Franklin School staff is committed and dedicated to the task of providing for your child, the best academic program we can.  Along with this is the commitment for providing a setting whereby students grow socially and emotionally in association with their peers.  We feel that this is equally as important as the learning that takes place within the "covers of a textbook".  
We, as a staff, have done all we can do to prepare the Elementary environment in order to provide your child with the best opportunity for success to take place.  With the support and encouragement of parents and all of us here at Franklin, we are confident that your child will have an outstanding experience this year.  

Finally, the closer the ties between parent and teacher, the more the child benefits during his/her school years. We encourage you to be part of your school by being part of us.  Welcome to "your" school and we hope you make a commitment to come to school and become involved.

Best wishes for a great year!


Travis Olson





Tues.  Sept. 6        Entrance Conferences

Wed.  Sept. 7        Entrance Conferences

Thurs.  Sept. 8        Opening Day Grades K - 8

Tues.  Sept. 20        2 Hour Late Start

Tues.  Oct. 11              2 Hour Late Start

Thurs. Oct. 13        Family Fun Night (Formerly Open House)

Thurs.-Fri. Oct. 20-21        No School for Grades K-12

Tues.  Nov. 8           2 Hour Late Start

Fri. Nov. 11              No School for Grades K-12

Thurs. Nov. 17        Evening Fall Conferences K-5

Mon. Nov. 21        Evening Fall Conferences K-5

Tues.  Nov. 22           No School Grades K-5 - Morning Conferences

Wed.-Fri. Nov. 23-25      No School for Grades K-12

Tues. Dec. 13           2 Hour Late Start

Fri.-Mon. Dec. 23 - Jan. 2     No School Grades K-12

Tues.  Jan. 10        2 Hour Late Start

Mon. Jan. 16         No School Grades K-12

Fri. Jan. 27           No School Grades K-12

Tues. Feb. 14           2 Hour Late Start

Fri. Mar. 10        No School Grades K-8

Tues.  Mar. 14           2 Hour Late Start

Thurs. Mar. 16         Evening Spring Conferences K-5

Tues. Mar. 21        Evening Spring Conferences K-5

Thurs. Mar. 23        Evening Spring Conferences K-5

Fri. Mar. 24            No School for Grades K-5

Mon. Mar. 27          No School for Grades K-12

Tues.  Apr. 11        2 Hour Late Start

 Fri. Apr. 14        No School Grades K-12

 Tues. May 9        2 Hour Late Start           

 Mon.  May 29           No School for Grades K-12

Thurs. June 1           Last Day of School for Grades K-12





Jennifer Blaschko, Ashley Fries, Brittany Strauss, Amanda Wenninger    

Grade 1:  
Miranda Hoffmann, Shane Rasmussen, Danielle Yungerberg   

Grade 2:
Bethany Arndt, Amber Blasl, Dawn Dahline    

Grade 3:
Betty Alders, Kari Becker, Tania Fugazzi, Katie Soine  

Grade 4:
Carl Fitzloff, Tabatha Miller, Megan Sandhurst  

Grade 5:
Mallory Howk, Mandi Kopischke, Mike Nagel   

Lisa Kindred
Special Ed:
Deb Fogal, Jenni JohnsonLisa Kuiper, Jennifer StenzelMarlene Stein-Greiner, Kayla Steinberg
Jodi McBride, Vesna Bozhinoska
Jennifer Berg
Sarah Hendley
Social Worker:
Tiana Iverson
Staci Waltman
Rachael Wick

Jonathan. Shevy
Phys. Ed.:
Dianne Johns, Amanda Murphy

Josh Carlson
Deanna Anderson, Amy Baer, Karen Barnett, Drea Brown, Shonita Harper, Ann Weber





Grades K - 5   8:10 - 2:40

Office Hours:  7:15 - 3:45  A secretary is in the office during these hours M - F.

It is imperative that your children do not arrive at school any earlier than 7:40. There is no supervision before that time. The student day runs from 8: 10 to 2:40. We do have before and after school programming in which students may become involved. Contact Community Services for ACES at 387-5501.  No student should be in the building before 7:40 or after 2:50 unless they are involved in an organized program or their presence has been requested by school personnel.




Regular school attendance is the first step to academic achievement. All students, once enrolled, are subject to compulsory attendance laws and we urge you to take whatever steps necessary to ensure your child is in school. When your child is absent from school, please call the school at 345-7873.  Franklin School office hours are 7:15 AM to 3:45 PM and voicemail is always available to leave a message after office hours.


In order to promote school attendance and verify records, families will be contacted about absences through letters generated by our attendance system. Our goal is to work with your family to support your child in getting to school each day and to create a plan to increase attendance. Each elementary site has an attendance team which includes a School Social Worker, School Nurse, School Counselor, and the Principal.


If your child is ill or is absent for another reason, please call the health service office and leave a message with the name of the child, teacher’s name and reason for not attending school.   


Appointments, such as doctor or dentist, should be scheduled before or after school hours.  Should your child miss more than one hour of class in the morning or the afternoon, it will be considered a half-day absence.  Students arriving after 8:10 AM without an excused absence will be considered tardy. Also, we encourage families to schedule vacations during school breaks.  


If you must take a child out of school, please call ahead to the office stating when you intend to pick up your child. When arriving at school, please come to the office.  The office will call the classroom for your child.  Children will not be released to waiting cars or to anyone who cannot identify himself/herself to the satisfaction of the administration.




Elementary school counselors provide comprehensive counseling services that promote academic, personal/social, and career development through classroom lessons, small groups, and individual counseling.  ISD 77 school counselors are a part of the Response to Intervention (RtI) multi-tiered support system to ensure all students are provided the support they need to be successful in school.  During the school year children who need additional support may be provided services such as individual counseling or small groups to work on a variety of topics, such as friendship skills, social skills, positive school behaviors, self-confidence, anger or worry management, family change/divorce, study skills, and grief/loss.  You will be notified when your child participates in a small group. (See “Response to Intervention (RTI)” section for more details.)




RtI is a process that schools use to support all students in their learning.  RtI involves an education process that matches instructional and intervention strategies with the supports a student needs.  RtI looks at how students are making progress with the current learning in the classroom to find more effective ways and provide services to help students make academic and behavioral progress during their school experiences.  Students in need of additional support, on-target support, and enrichment support are identified through classroom, school-wide, and district-wide screening processes as well as other means, such as teacher observation or parent concern.  At all Mankato Area Public Schools, additional support will be provided to identified students as needed through many different services which may include Student Support Center (SSC), school counseling small groups and individual meetings, math/reading small groups, math/reading intervention teachers, Assurance of Mastery, Title 1, English Language teachers, Reading Corp, classroom teachers, and additional supports in each building.


We do not encourage extended absences due to family vacations. We feel, especially at this age, that children need daily practice to acquire the necessary skills for successful living. If you are taking a vacation with your child, please let the classroom teacher know prior to your departure so arrangements can be made for makeup work.



The purpose of the Wellness Policy is to assure a school environment that promotes and protects students’ health, well-being and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating and physical activity.  As we continue to improve the district’s wellness initiatives we would like to remind parents of a few key areas including:



Dear Families,


Mankato Area Public Schools is making an effort to promote healthy behaviors among our children and adolescents by making our cafeterias, school stores, fundraisers and vending machines healthier. We have swapped the high-fat, -sugar, and -sodium items out for whole grains, low-fat, reduced sugar and nutrient-dense foods. In order to provide a consistent message throughout our district we are asking that classrooms celebrate students' birthdays, holidays and other classroom celebrations without food.

Schools have a list of alternative options in order to make the child or day feel special. As a parent, you could consider donating a book to the classroom, eat lunch with your child, or give small items such as pencils, gel pens or erasers to the students. Please visit for more information.



Kelsey Rounds, RD, LD

Nutrition & Wellness Specialist

Mankato Area School District & Mankato Clinic Foundation - Partnership in Health

Email:     Phone: 507-207-4303    


Schools will discourage the use of foods or beverages as rewards for academic performance or good behavior (unless this practice is allowed by a student’s individual education plan or behavior intervention plan) and will not withhold food or beverages as punishment.




The school district encourages parents to pack healthy lunches and snacks and refrain from including beverages and foods without nutritional value.  Healthy snacks include fresh fruit or fruit canned in its own juice, raw vegetables, whole-grain crackers, trail-mix and granola bars.  




Our major focus is to maintain, improve and promote the health of all school age children. To meet the needs of all students we ask that you follow these general practice guidelines.*Keep your child home if they have a fever of 100 degrees or more, they should remain at home until they have been fever free without the use of medications for 24 hours. *If your child has vomiting or diarrhea keep them home for 24 hours after the last episode.*If your child has any rash or skin condition of unknown cause please check with your health care provider before sending them to school. Please complete the Annual Health Census Form indicating any life threatening allergies, chronic health conditions or if you child has a shunt or implant device. Remember if your child is ill please call the school daily to report the illness 387-7873.


Your child will be given a P.I.N. number to use for breakfast, lunch and/or milk.  Money can be deposited at any time using the blue forms available in the office.  When your child has only a few lunches left, an envelope will be given to them to take home.  We do not charge lunches so it is imperative that you attend to those quickly.  You can contact District Food Service (388-7442) if you are interested in depositing online.  One check can be sent to deposit in the accounts of multiple children.  

The following is the cost of a single lunch or breakfast:

Elementary Lunch   $2.25

Reduced Lunch    $ 0

Elementary Breakfast   $.95

Reduced Breakfast    $ 0


Please direct your questions or concerns to Ronald Schirmers, Food Service Director at 388-7442.


Do not take your child from the school or playground without signing out at the office. Students are forbidden to leave the playground at noon unless they have written permission to go home for lunch. All students coming to school at anytime after 8: 10 should sign in at the office before going to class.



Please contact the office immediately if there will be a change in your phone.  Should a student be moving to another school, please let us know ASAP.




Please contact Central Registration if there will be a change of address. Brenda or Becky at 207-4037.


The school furnishes all necessary texts and workbooks for children.  Special primary writing paper is also available.  Children need to bring other necessary supplies.  A list of recommended supplies can be found on the district website and are available in the office.


Limited homework is an important part of a child's educational program.  The purposes of homework are: to provide insight into a school's philosophy; to provide for practice, extension and reinforcement of skills taught and; to develop self-discipline and a sense of responsibility for completing independent assignments.  Homework should be encouraged at all levels, but less homework should be required of young children.  Students and parents should have opportunities to discuss with their teachers any problems they encounter in carrying out homework assignments.


Parents are encouraged to visit school.  We ask that all visitors make prior arrangements with the classroom teacher.  When arriving at school, all visitors must report to the office to sign  in and get a visitor’s sticker.  We strongly discourage non-enrolled children from visiting their friend's or relative's classrooms.


If your child loses anything at school, be sure to have him/her check the Lost and Found in the hallway.





Conferences are scheduled three times a year.  The first conference is a time for parents, teachers and students to get to know each other, to discuss philosophy, expectations, anxieties, concerns, and goals for the year.  The second and third conferences are a time to follow up on discussion from the previous conference, report progress, and redefine goals.  



The “Franklin Flyer”  is available on the Franklin website.  If you need a paper copy, please let your child’s teacher know.  This newsletter highlights classroom, all school, and PTO activities.  


Each student receives a Take Home Folder in the fall.  Every Thursday it is sent home with handouts from the community, school, and/or classroom.  The folder should be returned promptly the following day with a parental signature on the dated yellow card.



The Franklin PTO is an informal group of volunteer parents and teachers working together to provide educational programs, social activities, school volunteers, and special projects to benefit Franklin students.

All parents of children at Franklin are invited to attend the meetings, speak out on each topic of discussion, and raise issues of concern.  The ideas, recommendations, criticism and support that this group has provided has been welcomed and encouraged by the Franklin staff.  With your help and interest, the PTO will be able to continue to assist the principal and faculty in improving the quality of the educational experience Franklin has to offer now, and in the future.


While we have no formalized dress code at Franklin, the following guidelines will be followed concerning children's attire.  

1.   Caps and jackets of any kind are not to be worn in school.
2.   Words, pictures, or symbols on articles of clothing (including jewelry) which are judged to be inappropriate by staff members are not allowed.
3.  Clothing must not expose the body unnecessarily.  Therefore, short shorts/skirts, tank tops, and tops that expose the midriffs are not acceptable.

Finally, it should be emphasized that we are not fashion conscious when it comes to student dress.  It is most important that students be dressed neatly and cleanly for school.  Also, it is imperative that parents keep the changing seasons in mind when it comes to clothing.



Curriculum pamphlets for each grade level are available in the office. These pamphlets contain all of the curriculum information specific to your child’s grade level.


Parents are responsible for providing insurance for their children.  Please review your present health and accident insurance program to determine if your coverage is adequate.  The school district does NOT provide health or accident insurance for injuries sustained by your child at school.  An insurance packet is sent home at the beginning of the school year for those who wish to buy additional coverage with an explanation of the costs and benefits involved.


In case of severe weather it is your responsibility to decide whether your child should be sent to school.  The safety of children is our primary concern and weather conditions often change abruptly.  Parents should be prepared for school starting an hour or two late, or not opening at all.  Closings and delays will be announced over radio and TV.  This information is also available at 386-4777.  You may pick your child up early if you feel the weather is becoming severe.
TO ELIMINATE PHONE CALLS during severe weather, please have a plan made for your child's care when dismissed.
Tornado:  In the event of a tornado warning, children will NOT be dismissed, but will be taken to designated shelter areas in the building.




It is the intent of the school district to transport students to and from school in a comfortable and safe manner. Routes and times have been determined by the bus companies in conjunction with the school district. Parents are asked to report problems with the buses directly to the bus operators at 386-20210[Palmer Bus Service.] or 345-5470[Yaeger Bus Service.]  To maintain the safety and wellbeing of everyone riding the bus it is necessary that the driver be alert and in full command of the bus and its occupants.



1. Obey bus driver's promptly as they are in full charge of buses and students.

2. Be on time for all bus pickups.
3. Stay off the roadway at all times while waiting for buses.
4. Cross only in front of a bus when crossing the road.
5. Keep hands and heads inside the bus at all times.
6. DO NOT talk loudly, shout or yell in the bus.
7. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before leaving.
8. Enter and leave the bus in an orderly fashion without pushing.
9. Behave in a responsible manner. Spitting, teasing, hair pulling scuffling, using unfit language,
smoking/drinking: unacceptable!
1O. DO NOT throw articles of any kind in a bus or out of its windows.
11. DO NOT carry articles such as guns, gas cans, fireworks, sharp instruments, animals or any
object of a dangerous or objectionable nature.
1 2 Report any damage to a bus at once.
13. Help keep buses clean, sanitary, and orderly.
14. Understand that buses are used for transportation to and from school and related activities only.

Students in VIOLATION of bus rules will be given a warning card that must be signed by their parents and returned to the bus driver. Continued violations mean suspension from riding the bus. Damage to the buses due to willful misbehavior will be charged to the student or family.



We are fortunate in having crossing guards at two locations: (Madison Ave. and N. 4th Street) and (Broad Street and Lime Street – am – Broad Street and Lafayette Street– pm.)  Guards are on duty from 7:45 - 8:30 AM and 2:30 - 3:10PM. Children are expected to cross where guards are present. Please caution children to cross safely and only where guards are present.



Other equipment such as in-line skate, roller skates and skateboards are not to be used on school property.